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Make your life fuller with new and exciting Niigata Traditional Crafts.

Takumicraft Kominkaten 2018 Report

Niigata Traditional Crafts Exhibition 2018 held in the Japanese Traditional House at Northern Culture Museum in Niigata by Takumicraft.com

開催:Exhibition Term: from 3rd to Sixth May, 2018

古民家展2018 北方文化博物館

投稿日:2018年5月14日 更新日:

Artisans at Takumicraft Kominkaten 2018
Starting from the left to the right: Mr.Hiroaki Suzuki and Mr. Koichi Suzuki of Suzuki Ishitaro Tansuten/Mr. Toshihiro Seki, BGM and Original speaker maker/Ms. Fumiko Haga and Mr. Ryosuke Haga of Haga Butsudanten/Mr. Kazuki Nomoto of Nomoto Kirihako Seisakusho

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It was a great pleasure seeing so many people at the exhibition. We introduced twelve artisans and about 120 items this time. Makie (Urushi lacquer painting with gold powder) workshop on 5th May was completely full and we had to turn people away.
Here are some photos of the exhibition.

古民家展2018 北方文化博物館 大藤棚
photo: mika nakanishi

Large tree of wisteria was in full bloom.

古民家展2018 北方文化博物館古民家展2018 北方文化博物館古民家展2018 北方文化博物館

photo: mika nakanishi
A garden and the house where the exhibition took place.

photo: mika nakanishi

Our new product, KOIOKI and Ojiya chijimi were displayed realistically using washi (Japanese hand-made paper). This exciting new collaboration product is going to be on sale in a while on our website.

コイオキ 古民家展2018コイオキ古民家展2018 小千谷縮 古民家展2018 小千谷縮 古民家展2018

photo: morihashi

KOIOKI in Ojiya Chijimi / Swimming Koioki / Coin Cases Made of Ojiya Chijimi / Ojiya Chijimi Cloth for Kimono


Mr. Takahiro Ikarashi, Sanjo Butsudan The leaf shaped coaster has a specially created metal fitting by him.

五十嵐さん古民家展2018コイオキ金具 コイオキin小千谷の金具 五十嵐さんと羽賀富美子さん

photo:(left)morihashi(second photo)mika nakanishi

Japanese Family Emblems / Metal Fitting and Coaster /Mr. Ikarashi and Ms. Fumiko Haga, Makie painter


This Koioki was produced by Sadao Ito and Ryosuke Haga. Mr. Ito is an experienced Butsudan carpenter in Ojiya. Traditional Butsudan craftsmen got together and used their individual technic and skills for the creation of new and exciting ’Koioki’ this time.
In the exhibition, the parts of Butsudan called ‘Kuden’ made by Mr. Ito was showed. It was a precious opportunity to see a ‘Kuden’ before urushi painting.


photo:(left)mika nakanishi(right)morihashi

Mr. Sadao Ito / Mr. Ito’s favorite planes


There were ‘Magewa Stools’ with Moquette (red, blue and green) and Hitoe Sashiko(Traditional Japanese hand embroidery stitches) made by Mr. Teruhisa Adachi of Adachi Shigehisa Shoten. His new small stools for children were so cute!
Mr. Adachi’s Ultra series and Cypress Balls by his bending work are available at our shop.


photo:(right)mika nakanishi

Mr.baba, a staff of the Northern Culture Museum / Ultra Series / Urushi Lacquered Lunch Boxes


AS well as Mr. Adachi is a bending work craftsman, he is a rice farmer. He was in middle of the rice planting during the exhibition.

Nomoto Kirihako Seisakusho, a ‘Kamo Kiri Tansu (paulownia chests)’ factory offered a new kind of Kiri (Paulownia) box products to enhance your life style. Although ‘Omoihako’ is a kiri box, it opens and closes sideways.

野本さん桐の椅子 古民家展2018六角キャニスター野本さん想ひ凾野本さん子供用桐の椅子

photo:(second left)morihashi

absolutely light kiri chair / new canister kiri canisters / Mr. Tsuyoshi Nomoto was explaining about his new product ‘Omoihako’. / Kiri chair for children

photo: mika nakanishi

Mr. Hiroaki Suzuki of Suzuki Ishitaro Tansu is a ‘Kamo Kiri Tansu’ craftsmen. He makes special kiri boxes for KOIOKI. His Kiri Eco Speaker is a successful product. This is a unique wooden compact speaker specially created by ‘Kamo Kiri Tansu’, the craftsmen who poured into their skill, care and attention for each one of them. The amazing eco-friendly feature is that they run without any electricity or batteries.


photo:(左)mika nakanishi(中)morihashi

Kamo Kiri Tansu / Kiri Eco Speakers / Mr. Koichi Suzuki(Hiroaki’s older brother) was explaining about his Kiri tansu.

There were other beautifully crafted products by artisans.

photo: morihashi

Beautiful Makie Sake Cups made by Hirokawa Butsudanten, Nagaoka Butsudan.
Makie Sake Cups are available at our shop.

山田さん古民家展2018 山田さん古民家展2018
photo: morihashi

Yamada Butsudanten, Sanjo Butsudan displayed Makie bowls and spoons.

photo: morihashi

Handmade bag artist piquant exhibited her unique choma bags.

新潟玉手箱 古民家展2018 新潟玉手箱

photo:(左)morihashi(右)mika nakanishi

NIIGATA TAMATEBAKO made by Niigata Butsudan Craftsmen.
Please read the detailed report, NIIGATA TAMATEBAKO – Exciting New Challenge for Niigata Traditional Craftsmen.

Urushi Workshop on 5th May 2018 by Ms. Fumiko Haga, Niigata Butsudan

photo: mika nakanishi

Makie Painter Ms. Fumiko Haga taught how to draw some pictures using lacquer paints on a round magnet in this workshop.


photo: mika nakanishi (right)morihashi

Workshop / Participants / Fumiko’s Cat plates


The girl drew wisteria on a magnet.

古民家展2018 北方文化博物館

We appreciate your visiting our exhibition at the Northern Culture Museum. See you next time!

古民家展2018PR 古民家展2018PR

『タクミクラフト 古民家展』

会場:北方文化博物館 登録有形文化財 常盤荘
協力:一般財団法人 北方文化博物館、オリジナル・スピーカー&音響 関利朗

参加作家(順不同):新潟仏壇 羽賀佛壇店/小千谷縮 小千谷織物同業協同組合/三条仏壇 石川仏壇店/小千谷仏壇 伊東仏壇店/寺泊山田の曲物 足立茂久商店/加茂桐簞笥 野本桐凾製作所/加茂桐簞笥 鈴木石太郎タンス店/長岡仏壇 廣川仏壇店/三条仏壇 山田仏壇店/piquant & 越後上布技術保存協会/新潟仏壇 新潟玉手箱プロジェクト



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古民家展2018 北方文化博物館

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